Fincas Palmyra
Phone: +0034 977 38 02 01
977 38 05 47
Fax: 977 38 10 13


Hours: 9:00 a 22:00 (April-October).
- Av. Carles Buigas, 5, Edif. El Pinar. 43.840. Salou
- Av. Andorra. Centro Comercial Andorra. Local 1. 43.840 Salou
Fincas Palmyra
Fincas Palmyra
Fincas Palmyra

Real State - Buying your home in Salou

Palmyra Real Estate, we buy your home in the presence of a notary at a fair price. We can obtain high efficiency by having a central location with high traffic of people, during the season.

It is always the owner who set the sale price, but we can guide and advise the market prices.
We offer all the guarantees to make you feel safe and in good hands until it completes the transaction in the notary.

To order the purchase and / or selling your home in Salou, please contact us:


Av. Carles Buigas, 5 (Edif. El Pinar)

43.840 - Salou (Tarragona)
Téléphone: 0034 . 977 380 201
Fax: 0034 . 977 381 013

Shipping Information - Buying a home in Salou